A Riverwalk Christmas

“Remember the Alamo” by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Christmas Is Aglow in San Antonio

Christmas along the San Antonio Riverwalk is a wonderland, but can the season magically transform the lives of four women?

Ecko Lewis moves to Texas for a fresh start, but will mistrust dog her there and spoil a new chance at love when Joshua Shepherd tries to figure out who the young woman is that his mother’s fiancé has been seen with?

Valerie Murray needs to do something desperate to save her business, but can she trust it’s marketing to Colt Jamison who once loved and left her?

Gabriela Hernandez and her family live with scars from a mistake Miguel Rivera made. Suddenly back in their lives, can this be the Christmas to finally forgive?

Sienna Montalvo is struggling in her career, but will the chance to host Joe Ramirez—a star in a new movie about the Alamo—at her family home for Christmas be the break of a lifetime?

Will faith, forgiveness, and hospitality be enough to see four couples through a holiday of romantic tensions?