Blame It On Texas

Five stories, five Texans, five romances from bestselling author Kathleen Y’Barbo!

Falling in love in the Lone Star state? Blame it on Texas!

Movie industry insiders may call actress Amy Foreman the next Grace Kelley, but Texas veterinarian Adam Chambers calls her the woman who broke his heart. Now she’s grooming dogs in his clinic while the trouble she left back in California untangles in her absence.
Where does a woman with the most famous face in America go to hide? Home, of course. From Hollywood, Texas to Hollywood, California and back again…can a small town veterinarian and a famous hometown movie star rekindle their lost love?

Reporter Carrie Collins is on a vendetta against all religious con men, and with good reason. Ryan Baxter, a seminary graduate with a Harvard MBA, is head of a non-profit organization, using coffee grown on their Central American plantation, to improve the living conditions of the poor. He sees Carrie, who is a reporter at the Austin Times as a means of getting publicity for their organization. She sees him as just one more crook hiding behind a religious facade and no better than the man who stole her mother’s life savings.
Though her boss warns her about approaching a story with her mind already made up, Carrie goes to Cost Rica determined to find out the truth. Should she listen to her heart or her head?

When editor Lia Stephanos’ doctors order her to leave New York and the frantic pace of her publishing career behind, she decides to take residence in a lovely dollhouse of a cottage on the edge of a Texas Hill Country lake near her best friend. Though she has promised her cardiologist she will not put her ailing heart through any further trauma, soon Lia finds she’s falling head over heels for Ben Carson, the man whose bait shop will soon be turned into her newest project: a restaurant called Idle Hours.
At Ben’s urging, Lia Stephanos takes up fishing to help repair frazzled nerves. Will she soon find her heart drifting into calmer, deeper waters? Can Ben make good on his plans to hit the road or will Lia Stephanos prove too difficult to walk away from?

Junk food junkie Sue Ellen Caldwell is living out her dream as a hairdresser at the Rhonda-Vous Beauty Shop. She and the town’s deputy sheriff, a health nut who is on his way to the FBI Academy, have been friends since their school days, but does God have something else in mind for them?
When a New Year’s Eve promise turns into a grueling exercise regiment with a healthy dose of sweet treats, can these two opposites attract—and fall in love?

In Robin’s Locksley’s English garden near Nottingham, children with disabilities are taught about nature – and Robin learns a difficult lesson from a visiting American. Despite her carefully made plans, the irritating Texan purchases the Locksley bow and is planning to take it back with him. Can she trust him with such a precious family heirloom…and with her heart?