Brothers of the Outlaw Trail

Four Women Surrender Their Hearts to Men with Questionable Pasts


The Wilson brothers have spent many years running from the law. Now that romance has entered their lives, will the trouble end?

REUBEN’S ATONEMENT by Lynette Sowell: Reuben Wilson feels responsible for turning his younger brothers into outlaws and fugitives. Now that he’s found the Lord, can he make amends to them — and the love he abandoned?

THE PEACEMAKER by DiAnn Mills: Hot-tempered Colt Wilson vows to get even with the bounty hunter who put him in jail. But when he finds the man’s struggling widow and two daughters, his life takes an unexpected twist.

OUTLAW SHERIFF by Kathleen Miller: Fresh from prison, Caleb Wilson asks God for a new life and finds much more than he expected as the sheriff of Dime Box, Arizona — and as a husband.

A GAMBLE ON LOVE by Tamela Hancock Murray: Benjamin Wilson makes his living as a professional gamble. Will a miracle change his heart and reunite him with the love of his life?

Will this band of outlaw brothers discover faith in God and the love of four amazing women as each story in this historical Wild West collection unfolds?