I Know I’m Not Alone, Lord

Yes, there is life after divorce. And better still … it can be a great one!

If you’ve gone through the unexpected challenge and heartbreak of divorce, you need to know that life will go on. In fact, you can celebrate a thriving, happy life. . .not in spite of what you’ve been through, but because of it. Regardless of how you got here, you’re definitely not alone.

Find the answers and encouragement you need for this life-altering transition in the sage advice, practical strategies, and biblically-based pointers from fellow single-again and bestselling authors Kathleen Y’Barbo and Janice Hanna. This one-of-a-kind volume will help you find direction as well as peace and contentment in the “newly single” process. Filled with inspiration for your heart, mind, and spirit, you’ll discover unforeseen strength and enthusiasm as you embrace the amazing life God has planned for you.

Welcome your newfound singleness, daughter of the King! With God in the lead, your life is sure to take a fabulous, fresh direction!