Sugar and Grits

“Falling for You” by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Berta, Dottie Jean, Sassy, and Sue Ellen are all settled in their ways and pursuing their dreams. In these four separate stories, whether single or widowed, young or pushing fifty years, content in the home or running a business, God will throw an unexpected surprise at these strong and capable women.

Berta Dixon wants to attend a school in Biloxi to fulfill her dream of becoming an opera singer. But God has other plans and romance is on the way.

Widow Dottie Jean Weaver is heading toward her fifty-fifth birthday, but love is standing in the background when she encounters an old high school flame.

Sassy Hatchet, a widow in her fifties, is known for her peculiar temperament. She thinks she has life all figured out until God does something unexpected in her life.

Sue Ellen Caldwell is living out her dream as a hairdresser at the RhondaVous Beauty Shop. She and the town’s deputy sheriff have been friends since their school days, but does God have something else in mind for them?

With God’s patience and teaching, these women will be able to temper their independence with all the joys and benefits that romance can bring.