To Catch a Thief

In a time when women find career options limited, four Chicago women get the chance of a lifetime – busting a ring of train robbers for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Working undercover in Windmere Falls, Colorado, they begin to unearth clues overlooked by their male counterparts. Ruth Hunnicutt clothes mysterious characters in her dress-maker’s shop. Could her interpretation of the clues destroy a blossoming romance? Sidney de Clermont falls off the train – and back into the life of an old family friend. Can she keep her cover and protect her heart at the same time? Working on a ranch even though she’s terrified of horses, Moment Alexander filters a jumble of new clues. Can she overcome her fears to chase down thieves – and at the same time lasso a husband? Despite what the other agents think, Lady Victoria Barrett-Ames is convinced the real mastermind behind the train heists has yet to be caught. Is her boss the real suspect. . .or a possible new love? Nobody’s expecting much from these female operatives – but breaking the case may take only some womanly intuition and a little faith. Will they ride the rails to success…and love?