Yellow Roses

Texas Rangers are the pride of the Lone Star state as law officers not as sons-in-law. Few parents welcome a courting ranger, with his hard, dangerous life. Who would want his daughter involved with a lawman of the Old West, in a state full of characters willing to break the law in any possible way? But the attraction of the ranger is hard to resist, as Serena Talbot learns. Though her father is planted firmly in the path of her dreams, she knows she must follow her heart and trust God to provide Serena’s Strength for the challenges awaiting a ranger’s wife. Amelia Donovan discovers that love can strike unexpectedly when she ignores A Woman’s Place and offers a ranger her opinions on snagging cattle thieves. What will he do about this headstrong woman? Wrongly accused of aiding a band of robbers, April Hansen is The Reluctant Fugitive in the custody of a Texas Ranger. How can she prove her innocence? Her love for a ranger tore Grace Delaney from her family years ago. Could another ranger end up Saving Grace from an even crueler family separation? Relive the Old West with the men who protected it and the courageous women who stood by them. With their lives ultimately in God’s hands, these women will rise to the call of love.