Firefly Summer

Book #1 in Pies, Books & Jesus series

Join the ladies of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club for a little reading, a little matchmaking and of course, lots of pie! In Sugar Pine, Texas you just might get a chance—or a second chance—at love.

A new cowboy romance from award-winning author Kathleen Y’Barbo.

Welcome to Sugar Pine, Texas, where there is one red light, one taxi cab, and one grieving mama left wondering why the Lord didn’t grab hold of her prodigal son before it was too late. Grieving artist Sessa Chambers is left with a grandchild to raise and a decision to make: could she accept a dream job restoring carousel horses for the Smithsonian, manage a ranch, and take care of her granddaughter? With the ladies of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club in her corner, she accepts the job and awaits the first shipment of horses. Then one day a handsome cowboy arrives on her doorstep to complicate everything.

Former rodeo star turned Houston surgeon Trey Brown is haunted by the night he killed a man—a teenager, really—with the same hands he uses to hold a scalpel. Forgiveness is his only hope, so he seeks out his victim’s only living relative, his mother. Ranch owner Sessa Chambers is not at all what he expects. Her presence is more jolting than any eight-second bronco ride from his former rodeo days, and the only thing he wants to do is get to know her better. She’s mistaken him for the hired help, and he’s fine with that. Until he finds a way to admit he killed her son, Trey will work off the guilt that is plaguing him.

In tiny Sugar Pine, Texas, everyone knows everyone else’s business and most of them know the others’ pie recipes as well. Thus, the ladies of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club are determined to figure out exactly who Sessa’s handsome cowboy is and what he wants with their Sessa. Once they do, can Trey and Sessa’s growing love for one another survive the truth?


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